Fencing lessons are the key to success in high performance and understanding in the sport of fencing. Through lessons, the student will be able to learn new techniques and repertoire whilst also enhancing their abilities in timing, distance, speed, agility and tactical awareness.

Group lessons are the minimum standard for structured training and they can be extremely motivating and fun as students learn together with other students in a supportive yet challenging environment. Group lessons involve training with other students with similar abilities an standards. As each student progresses, in their abilities and levels, they can expect to become more skillful, faster, stronger and more confident when matching up with more experienced opponents.

Individual lessons are also a highly beneficial form of training as it focuses on a student’s unique personality, abilities and tendencies. Training is more intense and specifically focuses on the individual learning style of the student and helps to accelerate their learning development in terms of more advanced technique, skill for blade work, footwork, fitness and strategies specifically for competition performance.