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A full-time Professional boutique fencing training studio based in Sydney. Specialising in foil fencing programs for children, youth and adults.

What’s on offer

Training options and Special Events

Fencing Lessons

Fencing lessons are the key to success in high performance and understanding in the sport of fencing. Through lessons, the student will be able to learn new techniques and repertoire whilst also enhancing their abilities in timing, distance, speed, agility and tactical awareness.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are also a highly beneficial form of training as it focuses on a student’s unique personality, abilities and tendencies. Training is more intense and specifically focuses on the individual learning style of the student and helps to accelerate their learning development in terms of more advanced technique, skill for blade work, footwork, fitness and strategies specifically for competition performance.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are the minimum standard for structured training and they can be extremely motivating and fun as students learn together with other students in a supportive yet challenging environment. Group lessons involve training with other students with similar abilities an standards. As each student progresses, in their abilities and levels, they can expect to become more skillful, faster, stronger and more confident when matching up with more experienced opponents.


Competitions are one of the best ways to provide feedback on a fencer’s developmental progress and competition experience.  Competitions are also good chance to win medals, prizes, competition ranking points and respect from their peers.

Students of all levels can expect to be challenged and to have fun at fencing competitions and to feel a rush of adrenaline as they do their  best to fence their opponents one point at a time. Fencers will fence opponents specific to their own categories as they test their skill, willpower, courage and speed against other opponents.

During competition events, all fencers should display their best sportsmanship, etiquette and respect all referees and opponents. But it is most important to remember the purpose of the game which is to hit and not get hit. Remember to never give up, stay positive, relaxed, and try your best for every match, one point at a time.

Learn To Fence School Program

The “Learn to Fence School Program” for all schools is designed to provide a fun, safe and challenging event for students aged 5 and over. All equipment is provided. It introduces the basic rules, and movements required to fence in a fun, safe and active manner.

The program strives to educate students about the traditional sport of fencing but also promote an appreciation of all the positive benefits that modern Olympic sports fencing had to offer.

Students are guaranteed to have a fun and memorable experience with the sport of fencing!

Corporate Fencing Program

The “Corporate Fencing Program” is a fun, challenging experience that offers team-building solutions. The event can help bring members and clients of your organisation closer together and to provide an outlet in which people can test their skills and abilities to work as a team outside of their comfort domains.

We understand that every organisation want to care for and provide positive experiences for all of their members and so what better way to bring out their best performance and positive energy which is through the thrill of swordfighting in a safe, fun and structured program.

The corporate program is designed for any organisation’s specific goals and objectives and can be an excellent tool for team-building and conflict management!

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Fencing – A Sport of Elegance, Passion and Focused training​

Meet Coach Feng

  • Bachelor of Health and Sport Science (University of New South Wales)
  • Masters of Teaching (Monash University)
  • Australian National Representative in World championships 2010 Paris
  • 2010 Commonwealth Fencing Championships individual top 8 and gold medal in teams 
  • Australian National Team Champion
  • Highest ranking of top 3 in opens mens foil in Australia
  • Gold medal in New Zealand open mens foil individual and team national championships
  • International Competitive and Coaching Experience in China, Shanghai
  • Accrued over 27 years of international competitive fencing/ coaching experience 

Training Packages

Feng Fencing Studios

We have different training programmes to suit your needs, whether you’re beginning or looking to hone in on your skills for competitions

Group/Squad Training

Pack of 10 group lesson passes($550 Including GST)

Individual Lessons

Pack of 10 x 30 minute individual lesson($750 Including GST)

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Or email at hello@fengfencing.com

Address of the fencing studio is 74 Agincourt Rd Marsfield 2122 Sydney NSW